Are White Patches on Face, Eyes or Nose JUST About Diet?

It starts small, maybe tiny white patches on face, eyes, nose or around your mouth. Either way, what started as a small discoloration that you ignored, has started (or already is) a problem and it’s making you feel ugly or different at times, doesn’t it?

My close friend, who wishes to remain anonymous – we’ll call Jane, was suffering from the same thing. Come to find out after 30-40 minutes of research, the white patches on face she had was something called, Vitiligo.

Upon further reading and digging into what Vitiligo was, how it occurs, it’s prevention and potential cures. Among the doctors, medical institutes and the beauty industry – none of them said is was curable, reversible or would even get better – EVER!!!

Abigail-BAAs Jane read these words side by side with me, she began to break down in tears. I don’t think I’ve ever seen my her cry like this before. She even started reasoning with herself, trying to grab hold of something. Even telling herself it was just a physical, outward appearance… but even after saying that, she admitted to me that she still felt “ugly”. I didn’t know what to say. Modern times don’t want us to put pressure on beauty, when secretly is 80% of what drives the woman’s world. Fashion, models, what to buy, how to look good, etc.

So I looked Jane in the eyes and told her, “If there’s something that caused this – then there’s something to reverse it too.” She smiled for the first time since we began reading together. I told her that she had a busy day of work tomorrow and let her go back home.


I Find Hope for a Natural Vitiligo Treatment

I sat back down and immediately went to researching what the causes could have been. Lone behold, the idea came into my head. YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT. If that was the case, I must be on the look out for literal “Vitiligo Triggers” in foods, chemicals and makeups. These triggers must be a common factor amongst many of the vitiligo sufferers.

Well after even 3 weeks of research, I stumbled upon the Total Elimination Diet & Candida Cleanse Diet. These 2 diets even had vitiligo sufferers who had commented on how their skin pigmentation was returning after 6-12 months… for the first moment after almost an entire month – I found hope! There actually was a natural vitiligo treatment.


Scratching The Surface for a Cure – The Vitiligo Diet

White Spots on FaceThis whole time was leading up for this big breakthrough, I didn’t know if it was exactly what I was looking for, but I knew it was on the right path. You know that feeling you get in your gut, when you know you are onto something that will be that change you were looking for, you just have to keep reading and learning a little more? Well that was what I felt when I found out that there were already guidelines and certain “Vitiligo Trigger Foods” already found in a sort of vitiligo diet guide.

Inside this vitiligo diet guide, they talked about vitiligo being a part of an auto-immune disease that stems from literally a few dozen vitiligo triggers like:

  • Sweets
  • Sugars
  • Aspartame
  • Yeast
  • Bread
  • Meats
  • Eggs
  • Dairy Products
  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Nuts
  • Legumes
  • Grains

Sounds like almost everything we all eat, every single day, doesn’t it? So, as I began looking further into those who implemented this diet and a few unique tricks like rubbing turmeric on the white patches on face, their white patches on skin and elsewhere, they saw re-pigmentation of the skin.

This literally was an amazing to see. Here I was deep into my journey and I had finally found people who had reversed their vitiligo after suffering from it for years , some even decades.

At this point, I had enough evidence to start seeing that almost 95% of vitiligo sufferers are having so much trouble because of their diets. There was another 5% which learned they were naturally being introduced to harmful chemicals throughout the day that was causing their skin to lose its pigmentation. Some of these people were, commercial painters, pest control, mechanics, used cleaning products & disinfectants and even a few people has negative reactions to the chemicals found in BAND-AIDS!


The Biggest Breakthrough Yet

Now at this point, I had spent almost 3 months researching & amassed 60+ hours in the library and with doctors, nutritionist & GPs. Then I ran across a book by David Paltrow, titled The Vitiligo Miracle. At first I thought this was a scam (I had bought 2 other books like this before and they delivered nothing). Worse off, I couldn’t find any reviews of it online that didn’t have any affiliate links – so I decided to purchase it. Worst case scenario, I’m exactly where I left off…

Thank God I went through with it. It literally gave me the remaining pieces that I needed to move forward with a protocol and help Jane after all these months (and her depression was getting bad before this). David and his team of professional nutritionists actually talked via email/phone with Jane and I through the best protocol that would work for her. I would talk more about the protocol and everything we did, but that is for another post.


If you’re interested in the book, The Vitiligo Miracle by David Paltrow…

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