We’ve Rediscovered Natural Cures for Vitiligo in 2014

We all know, either through personal experience or the experience of a friend, that conventional treatments and medications often come with unpleasant side-effects. Let´s take the skin disease Vitiligo for example, it is apparent there are several treatment options, though these may not be the solution for someone looking to avoid adverse effects. Common methods include topical corticosteroid therapy, topical immunomodulators, de-pigmentation, UVA and UVB light exposure therapy, as well as various surgical methods.


A Great Place to Start When Seeking Natural Cures for Vitiligo Are Homeopathic Options

Homeopathic treatments can be a much gentler option for someone suffering from Vitiligo. Not only does this holistic approach come without the typical side-effects as conventional natural vitiligo cureswestern medicine, but they have also proven extremely effective in preventing the return of disease. Several of these homeopathic compounds simultaneously have other health benefits as well being a natural cure for vitiligo. Let’s take a look at a few:

-Arsenicum Sulfratum Flavum: This compound is used to promote re-pigmentation and is also used commonly with other skin conditions, such as pyoderma and urticaria.

-Syphilinium: This compound can have a positive effect on many areas of the body, such as the gastric system, urinary system, mind, nerves, and of course, the skin. In addition to being a natural cure for Vitiligo, it is often used to treat osteomyelitis, trigeminal neuralgia, and recurrent abscesses.

-Kali Carbonicum: This substance has positive effects on the digestive system, lungs, heart, kidneys, liver, female reproductive system, and of course, the skin. It is commonly used to treat Vitiligo, eczema, warts, hair loss, sciatica, hypothyroidism and much more.

-Silicea: This element, which is derived from silica leaves, has many purposes and benefits. Not only is it effective in the treatment of Vitiligo, but also has a lasting impact on the bones, joints, digestive system, glands, lungs, nerves, cellular tissues, mucous membranes, and the skin in general.

-Nitricum Acidum: Effective for treating ulcers, warts, fissures, hemorrhoids, cachexia, malignancy, rheumatic infections, and gastritis.

-Carcinosin: This is an especially interesting substance, as it is used to attack the bases of diseases, such as asthma, neuralgia, hair loss, and Vitiligo, at a genetic level. It has a positive effect on the lungs, heart, bones, joints, skin, nerves, and mind.

-Phosphorus: This substance focuses on several parts of the body and is used to treat diseases such as hepatitis, paralysis, respiratory diseases, and Vitiligo.

-Hydrocotyle Asiatica: This substance can not only stop the progression of Vitiligo, but actually reverses it! It has been effective in treating leprosy, lupus, acne, psoriasis and more.

-Natrum Muriaticum: Composed of a very common ingredient, sodium chloride, this is one of the best known solutions to Vitiligo. It is also effective for treating illnesses of the kidneys, metabolic system and muscles.

Aside from the above listed homeopathic treatments for Vitiligo, there is also a group of medicines belonging to an area called “Ayurvedic treatments”. The most popular ingredient in Ayurvedic treatments is Bavachi. Bavachi is available as an oil for topical use, as a power or as a tablet for oral consumption. This treatment, like the others comes without the added negative side-effects of pharmaceuticals as the ingredients are used in their pure forms and can, for the most part, be easily found in fields, forests, and Natural Food markets.

One last powerful and natural substance we will touch on is Ginkgo Biloba. This incredible herb has proven effective at stopping the spread of Vitiligo and even restores circulation to melanocytes. It also contains an agent for skin re-pigmentation and has great benefits for the immune system.




What Else Can I Do to Cure Vitiligo Naturally?yoga as a natural vitiligo treatment

Aside from powerful compounds, herbs, and natural substances, Vitiligo patients should stick to a healthy and balanced diet consisting of plenty of legumes, proteins, healthy oils, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and plenty of fluids. Avoiding processed/canned foods as well as products high in Trans fats can make a big difference in the progression of Vitiligo. Supplements such as whole food vitamins are also recommended as part of a Vitiligo diet, especially Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, folic acid, and vitamin E. Along with a balanced diet, sufficient nutrients, and the previously-mentioned home remedies for Vitiligo, patients should be conscious about getting enough sleep, reducing stress, and exercising every day, as this will enable the body to restore itself, boost the immune system, and keep healthy circulation.

The Last Piece of The Puzzle…

At this time of writing, I’ve spent almost 3 months researching & amassed 60+ hours in the library and with doctors, nutritionists & GPs. Then I ran across a book by David Paltrow, titled The Vitiligo Miracle. At first I thought this was a scam (I had bought 2 other books like this before and they delivered nothing). Worse off, I couldn’t find any reviews of it online that didn’t have any affiliate links – so I decided to purchase it. Worst case scenario, I’m exactly where I left off…

Thank God I went through with it. This book literally gave me the remaining pieces that I needed to move forward with a protocol and help my subscribers. David and his team of professional nutritionists actually talked via email/phone with my friend, Jane and created a protocol that would work best for her. I will discuss more about the protocol in another post. If you’re looking for the best place to start healing your vitiligo, I’d recommend the vitiligo diet and “The Vitiligo Miracle”.

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