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The Vitiligo Diet – Meal Plan for Week 1

The Vitiligo Diet – Meal Plan for Week 1


Breakfast: Detox tea, gluten-free oatmeal with bananas, chopped hazelnuts and pecans

Snack: Salty Crispy Kale Chips

Lunch: Minty iced green tea, Harvest Pear Salad with grilled (grass-fed) chicken

Dinner: 8 oz. water, Broiled Alaskan Salmon with Rosemary, Wild Rice, and steamed broccoli

Dessert: Raw Apricot Delights




Breakfast: Ginger turmeric tea, Banana chia porridge with chopped nuts & pumpkin spice energy balls

Snack: 8 oz. water, Lentil Hummus with veggies (carrots, cucumbers or celery sticks)

Lunch: Home brewed iced green tea, Savory Collard Wraps

Dinner: 8 oz. water, Roasted grass-fed chicken breast, mashed cauliflower and carrot-fries

Dessert: Raw Soft Pumpkin Cookies




Breakfast: Hot Ginger Latte, Kale and Strawberry banana breakfast bowl with coconut flakes

Snack: Home brewed iced green tea, pumpkin spice energy balls

Lunch: 8 oz. water, Butternut Squash, cranberry and avocado wraps

Dinner: Home brewed iced green tea, Grilled Chicken breasts and sweet potatoes, with cranberry spinach salad with pecans

Dessert: Strawberry and Cream Cashew Cookie Bites




Breakfast: Ginger turmeric tea, Coconut Almond granola with almond milk

Snack: 8 oz. water, “KIND” Energy Bar

Lunch: Home brewed iced green tea, Kale Caesar salad with chopped walnuts, with a side of fresh raspberries

Dinner: 8 oz. water, one pot braised chicken, rice and artichokes

Dessert: Easy raw cake batter balls




Breakfast: 8 oz. water, Almond Banana Bliss Smoothie, Oatmeal Energy Bar

Snack: Home brewed iced green tea, Italian Spiced Nuts

Lunch: 8 oz. water, Vegan Hummus Spiral Wrap (substitute the soy beans with green lentils)

Dinner: 8 oz. water, potato and leek soup with almond bread and simple salad

Dessert: Vegan Pumpkin Caramels




Breakfast: 8 oz. water, Green smoothie, Sweet potato hash browns with broiled chicken, salmon or cauliflower.

Snack: 8 oz. water, avacado hummus with carrots and celery or flaxseed crackers

Lunch: Home brewed iced green tea, Fish tacos with shredded cabbage

Dinner: 8 oz. water, Rice and Green lentils with caramelized onions and roasted brussel sprouts (or root vegetable)

Dessert: Coconut milk chia pudding with fresh fruit




Breakfast: Ginger Tea, Elimination Diet Banana Bread, with pear and pomegranate salad

Snack: Home brewed iced green tea, Spicy Tuna Bites

Lunch: 8 oz. water, Ginger Chicken Salad with almonds and toasted sesame dressing

Dinner: Lemon water, Raw Tacos

Dessert: Matcha and Superfood Macaroons