The Vitiligo Miracle Review

Hi Everyone

So ONE YEAR AGO a close friend of mine (she doesn’t want her name released – so we’ll call her Jane Doe) started having small skin blotches on her skin last year. Jane’s mixed (African America & Caucasian) like me, but has a darker tone than I – so when the blotches started showing, it was extremely noticeable on her.

So I started to a lot of research, and a big pinnacle happened NINE MONTHS AGO. I caved in and bought David Paltrow’s Vitiligo Miracle. I had done a lot of research before this, and this entire book not only VERIFIED MY RESEARCH, but kept leading to a 3 things that were the cause behind 99% of Vitiligo sufferers.

  • Auto-Immune Disease/Diet – the person’s immune system is overactive destroying the melanocytes (they produce the melanin to pigment skin)
  • Chemical Reaction to things like Synthetic oils, Motor Oil, Formaldehyde Resins, Adhesives, Insecticides, Ink, Bleached Paper
  • Stress – and let me tell you – stress really was usually a factor AFTER the spots began and a feeling of being ugly or humiliation made it worse

So I logically broke it down and found that NUMBER 1 was the most important, diet, you are what you eat. And I found that there are multiple trigger foods that the drug, pharma and beauty industries don’t address AT ALL! Then I found other cases that had been reversed around the world. About 7 of the 34 cases mentioned The Vitiligo Miracle by David Paltrow. I was amazed to hear his protocol perform so well. I was intrigued.

I wanted to see if he had anything that was even the equivalent of “research” OR if it was just a scam. Sadly, I had felt really scammed (thankfully a small price paid) when I bought Michael Dawson’s vitiligo cure book. There was a “system” promised in the sales page, but in the end, he never even delivered it. Just a bunch of information I give away in my free report (but less). It wasn’t very helpful. At least to me it wasn’t, since I had done months of research before this. If you just started suffering, learned the diseases name, etc. sure – it’s worth $37 or whatever… but save your money!

So when I land on The Vitiligo Miracle, I think, “It’s probably a rip-off”. But, after watching the video and reading the sales page, that feeling you get in your gut when your reading something and you know… just follow this path, there’s something to it. That rumble told me that The Vitiligo Miracle would be different.

First, I’ll tell you my first impression and what I thought of the book after scanning through it.


A First Impression of the Website & Sales Page

Honestly, there’s always good & bad things that I can see in A LOT of websites (except Google, I love you).

First…the BAD.

When you read a title that says it can cure vitiligo and your white marks on face, ears, nose, eyes and everything in 45 to 60 days… you think, HOW?!?! When there are people who have lived with this for YEARS! And even from the 87 case studies I found and talked with, it took 2-6 months when they found THE RIGHT PROTOCOL that found their “Vitiligo Trigger Food(s)”.

However, I will say that the 2 & 3 month cases were all people who mentioned The Vitiligo Miracle as a foundation for sending the vitiligo into remission. This coupled with the fact that they mentioned the book made them focused enough to start from Day 1 – so I’m sure that helps more than anything.

On the other hand, using the phrases “Vitiligo Miracle”, “Vitiligo Cure”, “XYZ No One Wants You to Know About”, usually leads one to believe the opposite. But a sales page IS a sales page. It’s just… we all want to be assured; we’re being delivered what we paid for, right?

However, I will say that phone consultations with Dr. Wanakee Hill and other professional nutritionists was an added benefit to purchasing the program. It was FREE research support for everything I needed. Dr. Hill told me that she’d rub crushed vitamins on her white spots and 24 hours later have some little spots of pigment return. So, I guess it does feel like a “miracle” if you see that happen after suffering for years or decades.

THE NUETRAL PART – some love it – some kinda like it. It’s being sold extra items at the end, it’s like dessert. There are two of them, each $17. Now it could be really helpful in your situation. If you follow my emails and FREE Vitiligo Diet Guide – you know I recommend the ideas offered in Candida Diet book & the other a Vitiligo Cookbook with ideas on how to eat without using “Vitiligo Trigger Foods”. Whether you love it or like it. It’s there for your choice to add-on if you want that extra help and assurance you’re doing it “all perfect the first time”.

PS: The reason I love the Vitiligo Cookbook upsell is when I sent this to my friend, Jane, and she said it immediately started changing the way that she ate. And this was the #1 reason she started trying thing so quickly and … (well I won’t spoil it). Anyways, when you are trying to avoid gluten, nightshades, sugar, etc. you tend to not know what to eat. Cookbooks are a lifesaver!

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Now I saw a bunch of testimonials, but you can never tell, without getting into contact with these people via email/phone/etc. So I always avoid reading reviews for anything (except Yelp & Amazon, ha-ha).

The overall feeling was on the better side, a few things made the entire process feel “pitched” and I could feel the sale coming a mile away. But what can you expect? It was better to see the video first, and then go to the text sales page. It really lightened the feeling of being sold. I guess because when you read and scan a website, you pick up “KEYWORDS”, but not all the nuances and fine details that let you smell a scam from a mile away.

The Good: Why I Ultimately Bought the Vitiligo Miracle

Like I said, there are “KEYWORDS” like “cure white spots on skin”, “cure vitiligo in 7 days”, “vitiligo cure found”, all these things jump out and make it feel… scammy. So, the first scan of the text page didn’t settle well with me. But once I read into the finer details, you can see truly small, fundamental statements made that are truly delivered on in the book. Here are a few of them:

  • Several of the best anti-Vitiligo supplements that almost NOBODY knows about, compiled by a 12-year study.
  • The #1 most effective way to determine your Vitiligo trigger. (If you could only make one step toward better understanding your Vitiligo, this would be it!)
  • SECRET #18: WARNING! A very common household ingredient can aggravate your Vitiligo. If you do not get rid of it, you will never get rid of your Vitiligo.
  • The overlooked natural SOLUTION that can almost miraculously stop reverse vitiligo on your legs, back or chest
  • There’s a million dollar industry mixing information that conflicts working treatments for Vitiligo. (yes)
  • Some medication and topical treatments make Vitiligo worse. (I’ve seen cases)
  • Vitiligo is not only a problem with your skin but a warning sign of a serious inner imbalance. (100% spot on)


And from all my research, this is just hitting every nail on the head. So the sales page just keeps re-affirming that I am on the right spot, from the common household ingredients, to the mixed information and imbalance internally. So I jumped in the waters and bought The Vitiligo Miracle and BOTH upsells for $17 each.

When I opened it up, I was overwhelmed and amazed by the vast amount of research that had gone into the book. And the step by step system that he kept mentioning in the sales page was truly fulfilled with the book, 2 upsells, and 90 days of consulting with nutritionists.

Now, let me argue the other half. Literally 95% of what I read in the book can be found on the internet, library and with 40-50 hours of dedicated time (that’s how long it took to put together something similar to what David Paltrow offers, for my close girlfriend). But that is VERY time consuming and I would have gladly paid DOUBLE for the missing 5% of information, that I didn’t know I had missed, because that little tip led to my friend recovering in 3 months – it all turned around with THAT MISSING 5% FOR HER.

If you’ve heard enough and want to see the video/page for yourself, here is David’s Website: The Vitiligo Miracle. Just send your BEFORE/AFTERs to so we can show others in our email newsletter (we can withhold names/faces).


Break Down of the Vitiligo Miracle – Chapter by Chapter


The Table of Contents is nicely laid out. Whether you realize it or not, it’s amazing to have a quickly readable Table of Contents when using a book day after day, so you can quickly skip around to find the information you are looking for. So the 3 things everyone wants to hear:

  1. LOTS of information and it’s all accurate and verified from my personal research
  2. Addresses 99% of Vitiligo triggers + a 7 day vitiligo diet menu (trust me you’ll need it)
  3. Actually worked to reverse my close friend’s vitiligo!!!

He then gives an overview of what you will find in his book, and he talks specifically about his 5 step system to “cure” vitiligo. This was what I was most interested in – and the main reason I bought the book. I think his five step system is very thorough and encompasses much of what my friend did get her pigment back.



The books starts with an introduction, why David Paltrow is an expert, the story David went through, basically to relate to the user that he has gone through all the previous trial & errors that you have too. The rest of Chapter 1 goes into explaining what TYPES of VITILIGO there are, common reasons Vitiligo affects certain people and more.

It’s good to see in the book, what caused another’s vitiligo symptoms and why they were affected, it really helps address what the “Vitiligo Triggers” are in your life. Overall, chapter 1 was a thorough overview of Vitiligo & its causes.



David Paltrow goes in depth with how to diagnose that YOU DO HAVE VITILIGO. Some of my readers may have small spots on their skin that they believe to be birth marks. Even my friend with Vitiligo, Jane, thought one of her (now re-pigmented) blotches was a birth mark… her own mother thought it was too. Her mother just didn’t realize she had gotten it after kindergarten, so the symptoms were viewable back then, but it was only after college that it REALLY got bad for her.

So having a proper guide to know that you have vitiligo, even in the early stages – can be the best thing to ever know. That way you can start addressing it NOW before it becomes an issue.



Now we’re about 20 pages in (all the previous info really helps get your mind ready for this part), and chapter 3 is focused on “Treatment Options for Vitiligo”.

David goes over three forms of treatment:

  • Medical Therapies
  • Natural Vitiligo Cures/Remedies
  • Vitiligo Prevention Measures

Now Chapter 3 is ENORMOUS compared to the rest of the book, and rightly so – it’s all about the actual procedures, treatments, schedules, guides and amounts that should be taken for each treatment talked about. It goes VERY – I mean – VERY in depth with everything that you need to know about reversing Vitiligo with literally… 50+ remedies that all co-inside with each other to craft a very precise diet & trigger-finder protocol to reverse vitiligo.

The break down for each of these three forms of treatment is:

  • Medical Therapy
    • Topical Corticosteroid Therapy
    • Topical Immunomodulators
    • Topical Psoralen Plus Ultraviolet A [PUVA]
    • Oral Psoralen Photochemotherapy [Oral PUVA]
    • Narrowband Ultraviolet B [UVB] Therapy
    • Excimer Laser
    • Depigmentation (WARNING: very extreme therapy)
    • Surgical Therapies (WARNING: very extreme therapy)
  • Natural Vitiligo Therapy
    • Vitiligo Natural Remedies at Home (I didn’t list all of the remedies + the book has guidelines that would require 30+ pages to talk about)
      1. Goosefoot Vegetable
      2. Mustard Oil
      3. Wild Duckweed Tincture
      4. Khella
      5. Basil Leaves
      6. Black Gram
      7. Gingko Biloba
      8. Neem
      9. Indian Lilac Leaves
      10. Psoralea Corylifolia
      11. Barberry Root
      12. Leadwort Root
      13. Black Cumin
      14. Copper Vessel
  • Lifestyle Changes
    • Sunlight
    • Sunscreen
    •  Makeup
    • Cosmetics
    • Diet and Food
    • Treating Vitiligo with Vitamins
    • Homeopathic Treatments for Vitiligo
      1. Arsenicum Sulfuratum Flavum
      2. Syphilinum
      3. Kali Carbonicum
      4. Silicea [Silica]
      5. Nitricum Acidum
      6. Carcinosin
      7. Phosphorus
      8. Hydrocotyle Asiatica
      9. Natrum Muriaticum
  • Ayurvedic Treatment for Vitiligo
    • Preventative Measures

SPECIAL NOTE: Please, please, please DO NOT go about using the above-mentioned treatments without getting a professional to let you know the proper amounts to intake daily in your diet OR if they should be applied topically. This is why I highly recommend getting David Paltrow’s The Vitiligo Miracle so you will have all this information on hand and from a professional.



Chapter 4 is all about choosing a treatment option. Now, choosing a treatment option can be a difficult decision, especially when you have 50+ paths to take, some of them able to fix the chemical imbalance, some will not help at all.

This is why I loved David’s help, guidance, consulting & professional on-staff nutritionists throughout the whole process I was helping my close friend.

I obviously am not the best one to talk about which treatment option is right for you; however, when my friend and I were discussing with David and his team about potential treatments – they took us through all the potential causes and linked us with the 3 best treatments to start right away. Lone behold, the 3rd one was the charm that really made the vitiligo reverse so quickly.



In the end, all 60+ pages of David’s The Vitiligo Miracle was worth every penny. The Candida & Vitiligo Diet books were a real life saver from what Jane told me when she was creating meal plans day to day to re-pigment her vitiligo blotches. And most of all, I’m happy to say that it saved me 100’s of hours of guess work, and best of all – Jane is back to normal and enjoying life again, not afraid to be seen in public.

At the end of the day, I am happy to endorse David Paltrow’s Vitiligo Miracle, but I don’t want you to think we get rich by affiliation. So visit his with the link above and buy the book without any affiliate links.