The Natural Cure for Vitiligo Can Take Time: Tips for Staying Positive

What often surprises people undergoing therapy for vitiligo is how long the process can last. Vitiligo, which is a depigmentation of the skin attributed to melanocyte production, produces patchy areas of the skin, often around the hands, arms, legs, and face. There are a number of options for patients with vitiligo who are often embarrassed by the social implications of the disease, and can include medical procedures such as immunomodulators and other topical alternatives, as well as photochemotherapy,

However, these can be very invasive and costly, and are superfluous for many patients whose vitiligo doesn’t manifest so prominently. A more common and natural cure for vitiligo is through the modulation of the diet and management of a patient’s intake of food. Still, this process also takes time, and time is and always has been the enemy of progress.

A general timeline for treatment can be anywhere from 6 to 8 months, and this is because it takes a long time for certain elements and compounds to leave the body, and for the body to resume its natural cycles and return to a normative state. It’s only after this period that new foods can be reintroduced, and it can seem unbearably wearisome. The biggest question that patients have while on this natural cure for vitiligo is how to stay positive and keep their morale up.

There are a few strategies, so let’s take a look.


Remember Why You’re On The Vitiligo Diet:

Where many people lose steam on their diets is when they lose track of why they’re doing it. Unlike other less obvious illnesses, however, vitiligo is usually very evident – the reason users plan to diet is because #1 health reasons.  With vitiligo your skin is evidence there is something causing this underlining problem. #2 – ignorant people /”beauty stigmas” can often create unbearable social embarrassment, and some find it difficult to lead productive and fulfilling lives. It helps to always keep in mind the reason you are on a diet: it’s not just a natural vitiligo, it’s also a testament to your own willpower and desire to get back to a healthy way of living.

Changes may not be instant and it may take a few months to see the full effects your diet is having; a daily affirmation can go a long way to keeping morale, and ingraining that sense of strength and desire to effect change. It can also be helpful to tell your reasons to people close to you, family and friends, so that they can also play a role in reminding you.


Have Productive Distractions During Your Time on The Vitiligo Diet

Another huge part of staying on track is trying to keep your spirits up – especially when you feel yourself slipping into complacence. The best natural vitiligo treatment for apathy is, quite frankly, the opposite. Keep yourself entertained with a variety of different interests and hobbies. It might be the perfect time to take up that knitting class or join a gym or yoga class. As well, focusing on one task has the proactive quality of centering the mind and reducing stress, and can act as a natural cure for vitiligo all on its own.

Many people find that they become even more productive when faced with trying to keep themselves occupied. This can take many forms, such as reading lots of books, learning how to play an instrument, or even re-devoting time to family and work.


Always Have A Support Group

Dieting can be hard. Dieting alone can be even more difficult and lonely. If possible, having a partner to go on a diet with you (even if they don’t have vitiligo) The Total Elimination Diet protocol can be used for a variety of aliments from pinpointing the cause of arthritis, to acne and gluten-intolerance.  Sharing this diet plan can be a helpful way to keep your spirits up – the fact that you are sharing this protocol with someone else can give a lot of psychological reprieve. Even if you are on the diet alone, having a supportive circle of family and friends who are aware of what you are struggling with is also a good form of positive reinforcement – this can take the form of adjusting the nightly dinners to suit your own diet, or can even be as simple as a word of encouragement from time to time.


Keep A Daily Food Journal

This has been a staple of therapists for generations, and is a proven way to not only keep track of changes, but also to manufacture confidence and willpower in the face of towering odds. A journal will help you in two ways: first, it will show your progress, and being able to see the changes that occur, both in your mental and physical conditions, can help you find the strength to go all the way to the end with your treatment. Secondly, reflection can be a positive way to deal with stress, and as we’ve seen, dealing with stress is its own natural cure for vitiligo.

Putting something onto paper allows you to approach it objectively and analytically, and be a helpful way to deal with any self-doubt you may have. It can also be the perfect trophy at the end of your treatment, a history of how you overcame your own illness, and a lasting reminder of your own inner strength.


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