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SandraYour wonderful program has set me free from the double life that I was leading. Since the last 5 years I have this condition and when all the various treatment options failed to cure me of my vitiligo I had to resort to hiding my patches with makeup. Though they did the job, but I felt as if I was leading a double life. I felt I was shutting out all the people who were close to me so that they would not know about this. And all the while I did this, I kept the pain to myself. I realized that it was easy for me to hide and cover it up, but it just made the condition worse for me, mentally. And then truly like a miracle I found your program and thank God because this is the best thing that has happened to me. And all this without any of the common medications for vitiligo! Thank you so much!

— Sandra Owen (F 32) Perth, Australia

Happy Testimonials

AnjitaI have been living with vitiligo since I was 9 years old. My parents first noticed it on my neck and when they first discovered it, it was just a small patch. And it stayed like that, without any change in shape or size for many years. By the time I was in high-school the patches started appearing in more places. I had patches on my arms, hands, legs and my neck. As people started noticing them each started giving me their piece of advice. And coming from India, I had to listen to old wives tales which suggested that if one has fish and milk, then one gets vitiligo. This obviously is not true and I made it a point to correct anyone who said so. I have tried various treatments but none really helped me in my condition. I was going from doctor to doctor with some suggesting surgery while others suggested UV therapy. I tried a lot of medications which ranged from prescription medicines for this condition to topical corticosteroid treatment. None of them were what I was looking for. And then by sheer chance, I came across your website. Here in India, we do not really trust these “e-solutions” but when I came across your “no questions asked” refund policy I decided to go for it. It is just 15 days since the day I downloaded your program and seeing myself in the mirror I know it IS working! Thank you so much! I am your brand ambassador in India for sure! “

— Anjita Bhowmick (F 27) New Delhi, India

HalAs long as I remember, there was this single spot on my left thigh. It has been there for roughly 11 years. I have been applying steroid based cream since a good many years. A few years ago, I had gone in for some UV therapy on my doctor’s insistence. Nothing had really helped. The spot stayed, just the way it was. About 6 months ago, the vitiligo spot started spreading rapidly. I suddenly had new spots emerging on my waist, legs, ankle, knees and elbows. I really did not know what triggered this. I really could not find an answer. This sudden increase in the white spots in places where everyone could see them made me lose all self-confidence. I became afraid of going out and being around people. My whole life came to a stop. It was as if I was just existing… not really living. Then my cousin who had recently been on a trip to India told me about this programme that the hotel manager in India and recommended. I was quite surprised to hear about this from someone all the way in India. The first thing that came to my mind was – “Wow, this sure is famous!” So I decided to go for it. I had already spent a lot of money on various treatments and did not mind going in for it. And I must confess that it was one of the best decisions of my life. In about 7 weeks my vitiligo is as good as gone. And all this by just following the advice from a very precise and accurate book which has been wonderfully divided into chapters that explain everything in a very systematic manner. If there is ONE solution for vitiligo, then THIS is it!”

— Hal Dotson (M 33) London, UK

Ava-BAI had small, scattered spots of Vitiligo on my knees and neck since the last 3 months. The spots on the knees were increasing slowly. I was advised by my GP to apply some ointment but there was no improvement in the condition. I was getting quite scared since there was a distant aunt who too had the condition and there was this fear that I too will become this person whose vitiligo was not cured. I went to numerous doctors and they all suggested various complex and expensive treatments. When someone suggested surgery I was so scared that I stopped going to doctors. In fact I stopped going out anywhere. I was so depressed and began losing all self-confidence and felt as if I was the ugliest person on earth! Then as chance would have it, I came across your website. It seemed so promising, all that you had to say and all the various other people who were saying that it had worked for them. I decided to give it a try. In just about 25 days there was a restoration in skin pigmentation on my knees and no new spots were forming. And in less than 2 months, my neck spots disappeared as well. No signs of those white spots at all! I would be happy if you could publish this on your website. I really want to tell the world that your program really works!”

— Ava Jones (F 18) Indiana, USA

JaimeA few months ago I noticed some sporadic white spots on my left leg. In fact my girlfriend had noticed them and told me that he thought they were vitiligo (honestly I felt as if he hated me and felt disgusted at myself as if I had contracted some infectious disease). Since I did not know much about this condition I went for a physician. The doctor diagnosed it as a very early occurrence of the condition and informed me that the sensation over these white spots was still intact. He prescribed me some steroidal applications and oral steroidal pills. I started them and then the series of side effects started. From simple rashes to nausea! I was in fact feeling sicker than before. So I quickly stopped all this and started looking online for solutions. I came across a few websites but none could make me feel confident about what they were saying. And then I saw your website. I felt that you knew exactly what you were talking about and that if anyone could help me with my condition, it was you. I am so glad I trusted you and your team. The program and the constant support that you and your team offered is solely responsible for curing my Vitiligo condition. I thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

— Jaime Whitlock (M 22) Hamilton, New Zealand

BrendaI still remember the day about 3 years ago when I first started developing white spots on my wrists and legs. I really did not know back then what they were and went to my GP. After a few visits, the cause and condition became known to me. The spots were vitiligo and the time when I first saw them coincided with my drug induced menopause and HRT. The doctors told me to accept it. And I thought, well it is easy to say when it is not happening to you. The spots started increasing on a weekly basis and every week was worse than the last one. These spots started having an adverse effect on me mentally and I just could not come to terms with this condition. It was too much for me to handle. My family was very supportive. They claimed that they didn’t notice them. And this made me very angry at times because I would see them every time I looked at the mirror and it would break me into a thousand pieces. I tried every possible medication under the sun. From topical treatments to prescription medicines, from excimer laser to UV therapy! Nothing seemed to work on these spots. They just stuck on to me. I was losing all hope. Then someone suggested your program on this forum that I am very active on. I decided to give it a try. And here I am, completely cured of it in about 3 months. Nothing that I had tried earlier had been so effective and precise in delivering results. Your program is the ONLY vitiligo cure that anyone needs! God Bless!”

— Brenda Waugh (F 41) Colorado, USA

MilfordI had been suffering with vitiligo for about 5 years. There were depigmented patches all over the scalp, abdomen and genitals with occasional itching. All this had led to a very disturbed life and I used to be stressed and irritated all the time. It was also having an effect on my sleep and on most days I would be drowsy and tired. Life was really getting very horrific. My relation with my children and wife became strained as I was not satisfied with life anymore. I felt insecure and lonely and felt everyone hated me for the way I looked. All this chaos and suffering was making me suicidal. Slowly, I was moving into this shell and preferred being alone. My wife was very stressed with all this and now I know how hard it would have been for her and how much she stood by me. In fact how I feel today is absolutely because of her. She talked to so many doctors and others who were suffering from the same condition. She would look online on forums and groups. She made it the sole purpose of her life to get me back my usual self. It was one of these times when someone on a forum she writes to suggested your program. When she suggested to me, I rubbished it. I am sorry that I did that then. But she did not give up, she followed your book to the last word and made me follow it. When with just a few changes in the way I was doing things I started feeling a little better I sat up and took notice. It was then that I realized that your program was just what a person with vitiligo needed. It was so perfect. Today I am a changed person, completely cured of my vitiligo and all the various other problems that I faced. All thanks to my wife Betty and you David. God Bless! You gave me my life back! “

— Milford Slater (M 56) Dublin, Ireland

OjvindIt is now about 3 months since I have been communicating with you and I want to thank you and your team for the amazing support and motivation that has been extended to me. If it was not for your people at Vitiligo Miracle I am sure I would be still hiding in my house and would have completely cut myself from the world. The precious support that you have extended to me while I was fighting my vitiligo is priceless. I do not know if there are any more products in the market that claim to cure the condition, but I can easily say that the way you people helped me, motivated me and nearly held me by my hand and took me through this entire treatment – it is commendable! If anyone is looking for the best vitiligo treatment and the best people to help you get rid of the condition then this is the only place one needs to come to! You guys rock! “

— Öjvind Kulmala (F 49) Espoo, Finland

PeggyI have spent lots of money on various vitiligo treatments for the last five years and nothing has seemed to help my condition. Every doctor I went to said more or less the same thing. That the white spots will keep growing in number and size and nothing I can really do to help control this growth or clear my vitiligo. In fact most of the doctors were emphatic about the fact that no treatment could be a 100% guaranteed cure. I was so heartbroken. I would hide my spots under make-up and would always be so conscious of fact that they were not showing. It was pure living hell. And then I found your site while looking for more details on the condition. Since I had already spent so much money, I did not mind the price for your book. It has been about 3 months since I bought the book and now I understand what a waste I have made of my money. All ANY vitiligo sufferer in the world needs is YOUR book! In my opinion, there is no other healing method for vitiligo and autoimmune skin disorders which is more effective than Vitiligo Miracle. Thank you so much!”

With much appreciation…”

— Peggy G. (F 38) Poland

TimothyMy 8 ye ar old daughter, Abigail, suddenly developed many depigmented spots on her back. Seeing these, I had taken her to our family physician. He diagnosed it as vitiligo and prescribed some local steroidal ointment which helped a little in the beginning. Some of her spots regained color but most of the spots did not respond to the ointment at all. With the passage of time the spots spread to her scalp and thighs. In fact a few strands of hair in the affected part started to become white and this scared all of us. The white hair depressed her so much that she stopped going to school and then after a few days stopped stepping out of her room. All this depressed us a lot. A happy, playful child had become sad and depressive. We tried everything and went to every doctor possible. Most of them suggested steroid based creams and prescription medicines. We tried every treatment that was suggested to us but nothing really helped contain the spread of the white spots. She would itch at the places where the spots were and would cry when it became unbearable. I was really getting frustrated at the whole thing. Then someone we met at one of her skin specialist clinic suggested your site. I downloaded the book that very evening. And in just about 7 weeks, she is so much better. She feels better overall and the spots are already beginning to disappear. It is amazing. I am attaching Abigail’s before and after images of her back taken 2 weeks ago. Thank you and God Bless! “

— Timothy Merril (M 37) and his daughter Abigail (F 8)(Photos Below) Sydney, Australia


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