About Sasha Miller

Studying alternative cures and the mind-body connection is a deep passion and hobby of ours here. To date, I (Sasha) personally have written 5 books and 2 plant-based nutrition cookbooks.  I think my fascination comes from the undeniable inter-connection of everything in this universe; our bodies in particular.  From our eyes to our hands, face and feet; the human body is literally a map of itself, linking one part to another!


I Have A Passion For Healing!
Whether it’s healing through nutritional diets, hydro-therapy, reflexology, yoga practices, hypnotherapy or crystal-healing, I enjoy researching and writing about it all. The best part about blogging for me is turning the information into knowledge by utilizing the best practices in my own life and then sharing all the gems I find along the way with you all, so that you can benefit as well!


My Story
In September 2008, I made what I thought was a smart decision at the time and went on birth control pills.  I was 18 years old, living with my boyfriend (who’s now my husband) and neither of us want to have children.  Little did I know this would be the hormonal trigger to send me into a slow, arduous, decline into what would be a 3 year struggle with hypothyroidism. The symptoms developed very slowly for me, it was almost unnoticeable for the first year and half. The only thing I happen to notice was an extreme lack of sex drive about a month or two after starting the birth control pills. Beyond that, I really didn’t notice any strange or unusual “symptoms” until 2010. Looking back on it now, I believe birth control pills were the main trigger of my thyroid imbalance but I cannot prove that to be 100% of the cause.


I Still Believed Doctors Knew Best
In 2009 my fight with chronic fatigue and constipation was becoming a regular occurrence. Needless to say my sex drive wasn’t improving very much either.  My appetite began waning to the point that food or any kind didn’t look appetising and I was experiencing terrible stomach pains almost daily.  I saw doctor after doctor, all telling me to get more x-rays, blood tests, urine tests, or prescribing me some new pill to take. Honestly, none of it worked for me!  Not even a little! Over the course of 12 months, 3 different doctors literally found NO solution to my problems!

The Day I Gave Up on Medical Doctors
By August of 2010, I was desperate to find the solution to my problems so I gave in and went to a so-called *(digestion “specialist”).  After visiting him on 5 separate occasions. I found him more disappointing than all the other doctors I had gone to COMBINED!  On my first visit, his suggestion was X-rays (I had 2 sets taken 1 month before-but he didn’t even ask to see those!) That visit ended in a prescription (a laxative).  Visit two (different laxative).  Visit three (colonic-grade laxative).  Forth visit, suggested endoscopy to see what was happening in my stomach.  I went ahead with the endoscopy hoping we could uncover something.

On the fifth visit, I went in to his office to discuss the endoscopy findings.  “you have a bit of irritation in your stomach but other than that, the results came back normal.” He said, “It may be your gallbladder…we’d need to do a test for gallstone that but it’s not very accurate, we just don’t have very good testing for the gallbladder..” his literally stated: “But you don’t really even need it. Soon humans will just evolve without it!”  FYI: a gallbladder removal drastically limits the kinds of foods you can eat forever-it requires an entire lifestyle change.

He was by far the WORST and most insensitive doctor when it came to providing any helpful solutions what-so-ever! After 5 different office visits, he Without any evidence that my symptoms would improve or were gallbladder related ; his “solution” was gallbladder removal surgery –Needless to say, that was my LAST visit to his office or ANY DOCOTOR’S OFFICE!  *And I haven’t stepped foot in one since! (oh and by the way-I found out you don’t need life-altering surgery to remove gallstones – you can do it naturally through a detox diet and whole body cleanse! Go figure!)


What Was I To Do?
After trying nearly every constipation home remedy known to man with no results. I was getting frustrated and depressed.  I didn’t have any friends or family in the state besides my fiancé at the time and I didn’t even express to him how severe my symptoms were until September 2010. By this time I had little-no appetite, experiencing serious constipation on a regular basis and would have terrible gut-wrenching-stomach pains when I did eat. Sometimes so bad it even caused me to miss work which only caused more stress. I just remember feeling so hopeless. My mind and body literally felt like the waste and toxins that were piling up inside me. I finally reached my breaking point in October when I had gone 15 days without a bowel movement and was nearly bed-ridden due to the stomach pain!  By this time I had cystic acne all over my face which was extremely painful, not to mention embarrassing and certainly didn’t help me feel any sexier.

After trying a dairy, meat & gluten free diet, prune-everything & just about every known laxative on the market including drinking Epsom salt – AS A LAST RESORT! (Which I do not recommend!) I had just about enough – and so did my body! I knew if I didn’t take matters into my own hands, I might not make it another year.  It’s weird to say but I literally felt like I was being poisoned from the inside out. (If only I had known about the Total Elimination Diet at this time!) Once I made the commitment to study my lab results and research my own symptoms, I happen to come across a hydro-colonic specialist in Tampa. Thank goodness for this women because she was
able to remove a blockage which had built up over those 15 days. The colonic helped me feel about 50% better initially but I knew it wasn’t the root cause of my problems.

Very shortly after this time (about a week or two), my mother-in-law came across an article on natural iodine and how it affects Thyroid function. The brand of iodine I took for my treatment was*_____________. Outside of eliminating red meat from my diet, I took 2 drops of this stuff for 2 weeks and literally 70% of my symptoms were gone! After 4 weeks of taking it, virtually all of my symptoms were gone and I was having regular bowel movements every day.  By the 4th week, of taking 2 drops, I began experiencing violent hot flashes and found this to be a symptom of Hyperthyroidism.  So in just 4 weeks, I literally went from one end of the scale to the other!  My solution to that was easy though, I simply stopped taking the iodine and my levels have been balanced ever since that time.  It’s been 4 years to date now with no signs of hypothyroidism!


Why You Must Always Be Ready To Fight For Your Own Health!
Most of my holistic health research began in 2010 after my mother-in-law found Iosol.  I learned that by relying on doctors and pharmaceutical drugs you take a serious gamble on your true health and happiness.  After all, they are only “practicing” and who has more intent to see you get well? Youself? Or a doctor?  Remember folks, doctors aren’t paid based on how many people they heal, they’re paid by the drug companies based on how many drugs they sell.(It sucks but it’s the truth!)

If you don’t know already, 99% of pharmaceutical drugs are created to cover up the symptom, not treat the cause. Meaning, these doctors and hospitals could take your money for years if you let them without ever treating the real cause of your alignment!  (trust me this is EXACTLY what they do!- Chemotherapy treatments anyone?)  I find this incredibly disturbing, which is why I have learned how to research symptoms, diseases and deduce the various possibilities down to the root cause on my own and I encourage everyone to do the same!


Why I’m Here Today
The heart and soul behind all of my health blogs is based on the premise of providing holistic healthcare solutions for diseases that people thought were “un-curable”. The best news of all is that fact that once you’ve pinpointed the real root cause of the aliment, you search for the natural solution and typically you can cure yourself in a very quick amount of time.  I’ve been doing this for over 5 years now and haven’t been sick or seen a doctor ONCE in the time frame!  Instead of calling your doctor at the sign of a new symptom, first check online, you may just find the solution WAY faster than they ever could!  If someone would have told me that way back in 2008, I could have saved thousands of dollars and 3 years of terrible pain. * Even something as life-threatening as cancer, can still be put into remission organically with the correct protocol!!!

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