People That Healed the White Patches on Face Eyes and Nose Holistically

To start, there are Natural Vitiligo Treatments out there. With a proper Vitiligo Diet you can actually reverse white patches on face or skin within 2-3 months. Now on average, people without the proper protocol to start will have recovery times near the 6-12 month range. If you don’t figure out your trigger foods quickly and eliminate them 100%, it may be MONTHS before you start to see your vitiligo go into remission.

I have 3 case studies that I wanted to present and bring forward for all to see. There have been multiple instances where vitiligo aka white patches on face, skin, eyes, etc. has reversed and went into remission (started re-pigmenting). The first one is one of my closest friends in this world, Jane. She doesn’t want pictures of herself shown as the period in her life was very traumatizing and emotional. However, I will talk about the process she used to reverse it in 3 months. NOTE: Jane Doe’s real name has been withheld.



Ethnicity: Mixed (African American & Caucasian)

Type of Vitiligo: Numerous large white patches on face, legs, stomach

Years with Vitiligo: 17+ years

Personal Story: Keeping it short, I had vitiligo unknowingly when I was 5. The single white spot on my skin didn’t grow or anything until I was out of college. It was at this time that my body was obviously going through some unique chemical changes, as my vitiligo went rampantly out of control, spreading from a “beauty mark” on my stomach, to white spots on my face, arms, back, neck, stomach and more.

I was really emotionally distraught at the time because I even thought this would affect my being hired for a job in the beauty industry. So this really tore down on every dream I had set for myself in life. That’s when you (Sasha) spent a few months looking for an answer, and you came across this book The Vitiligo Miracle. You said it matched everything you had researched before, but that it came with some professional help that would consult me through the next 90 days. I was willing to do anything, so I went full-on. Next thing I know, my blotches start re-pigmenting from the inside out. Till the couple huge blotches over my body become lots of tiny ones, then one day, I kind of… didn’t notice it was all gone.

It’s weird to say that. You live with something for so long… but once it’s gone, you forget sometimes that it even happened. That it affected so much of your life, you cried and worried for hours/days about it. And then one day, it’s just all gone. I guess it reminds me to be thankful to have a friend like you… and the fact that you found that book for me.

Personal Triggers: Chocolate, coffee, gluten, grains, candida albicans

Natural Vitiligo Treatment Used: The Vitiligo Miracle w/ personally consulted diet & plan

One Thing That Helped Most: Having 90 days of professional support with David’s team and you by my side Sasha. I had to try 20 different things, but it was persistence to keep going that really made the difference.

Total Treatment Time: 5-6 months


VITILIGO CASE STUDY #2 – Amy Stevenson

White Patches on FaceEthnicity: Caucasian

Type of Vitiligo: White patches on hands & feet

Years with Vitiligo: 6 years

Personal Story: When I was in my mid 30’s. Here I am reminiscing about my age and when this all began! I had just gotten out of my job in the insurance industry and moved over to selling Mary-Kay products. It seemed like 2 years after I had been really getting involved, that I began noticing white blotches on my skin spread from what they had been for years, my hand & feet were the only places affected. It was all just something I kind of shrugged off. That was, until I found the spot had grown a couple months later. Then I started getting worried. I immediately went to my doctor, who within 30 minutes had diagnosed me with Vitiligo. He let me know a few ways it could progress and treatment options for it, but ultimately left me with little to no hope of it actually getting better.

I then moved onwards towards a Vitiligo Forum which offered more support and talks of natural vitiligo treatments that could be tried. Many of the users told me they had experiences with allergic reactions to cosmetics & certain foods. So I began my search there. After about 6 months of playing around and trying different things, I landed on what was essentially the Vitiligo Diet. Long story short, I finally worked up the nerve to stop using makeup, 100% turned my eating habits around, and within months I started to see some drastic changes. Now here I am almost a year later and everything is back to 100%.

Personal Triggers: Coffee, gluten, sugar, eggs, yeast

Natural Vitiligo Treatment Used: Neem, ginko biloba, black gram, Vitiligo Diet & removal of all makeups

One Thing That Helped Most: Once I got rid of my makeup and began dieting correctly, the blotches started reversing within 2 weeks.

Total Treatment Time: 10-12 months


VITILIGO CASE STUDY #3 – Jocelyn Supre

Ethnicity: African American

Type of Vitiligo: White patches on face

Years with Vitiligo: 12 years

Personal Story: When I was young I had white marks all over my face. My father had told me that it had happened when we lived in a different part of town (near a smelting plant). Little did I know, this exposure to some of the chemicals that came from the plant produced heavy metals inside my body and created an imbalance in my immune system. So as I got older, the vitiligo only got worse. Thankfully I was not affected everywhere on my body, just my face was for some reason, but that to me was the most important part.

One day, I come home from school in tears and my father asks me why I’m so sad. I told him that a boy made fun of me at school because of my face. It was a scarring moment in my life, so small, but it hurt so much. That day forward, we started seeing specialists and doctors everywhere to find a way to cure it.

Only after we had spent 3+ years looking for an answer, did I find a friend who referred me to a holistic nutritionist. I was nervous to be let down again, but I went with my father anyways. She ended up prescribing some oils, ointments and a diet to get started on reversing my vitiligo. One major thing that helped was Pascalite Clay which removed a lot of heavy metals and toxins from my body.

It seemed that after I had done that, all of the other parts of the protocol she had setup for me began to take effect. Within 30 days, I saw the first signs that my skin was actually returning to normal. I cannot even tell you the joy I felt when I woke up and saw that.

Personal Triggers: Toxins from chemicals, yeast, gluten, breads/grains, sugar, chocolate, ice cream especially

Natural Vitiligo Treatment Used: Turmeric powder, black mullen, khella, goosefoot vegetable + Vitiligo & Candida Diet

One Thing That Helped Most: Cutting out all those sugars and grains in my daily eating habits, once I did that, 30 days later the skin started to re-pigment itself… slowly… but it eventually all filled in.

Total Treatment Time: 14-18 months


The Biggest Breakthrough Yet

Now at this point, I had spent almost 3 months researching & amassed 60+ hours in the library and with doctors, nutritionist & GPs. Then I ran across a book by David Paltrow, titled The Vitiligo Miracle. At first I thought this was a scam (I had bought 2 other books like this before and they delivered nothing). Worse off, I couldn’t find any reviews of it online that didn’t have any affiliate links – so I decided to purchase it. Worst case scenario, I’m exactly where I left off…

Thank God I went through with it. It literally gave me the remaining pieces that I needed to move forward with a protocol and help Jane after all these months (and her depression was getting bad before this). David and his team of professional nutritionists actually talked via email/phone with Jane and I through the best protocol that would work for her. I would talk more about the protocol and everything we did, but that is for another post.


If you’re interested in the book, The Vitiligo Miracle by David Paltrow…

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