Follow These 5 Steps to Get Rid of White Patches on the Face

Do you, or someone you know, suffer from Vitiligo? You might have seen this in the form of white patches on the face or body; the parts most commonly affected include the hands, feet, face, arms, genitalia and lips. Vitiligo is a skin disease which causes parts of the skin to lose their natural color but the definite cause is still up for debate.  One theory is that vitiligo symptoms forms from the immune system unexpectedly attacking various areas of the body. Another theory is that melanocytes, which are responsible for creating pigment in the skin, begin attacking themselves. Many medical professionals agree that most cases of vitiligo steam from auto-immune disease in which the body’s defenses begin attacking itself.  About one out of every 200 people in the US and Europe develop Vitiligo, and approximately 20 percent of Vitiligo patients develop auto-immune thyroid disease. So, aside from conventional medical therapies, which can be accompanied by negative side-effects and adverse reactions.  If you’re wondering how you can go about treating your Vitiligo holistically? Here are five steps to get you started towards repigmenting the white patches on face and body:


1. First Make A Change to Your Diet

Occurrences of auto-immune & skin diseases such as eczema, acne inversa, and Vitiligo have gone up since the incorporation of processed/packaged foods, sugary drinks, and Trans fats into our daily diets. Aside from the negative impacts these foods have on our skin, they also have other consequences to health which include: increased cholesterol levels, obesity, and diabetes just t0 name a few. Avoiding the above mentioned foods as well as finding your “trigger foods” can make a big difference in the progression of your Vitiligo symptoms. Some other foods Vitiligo patients should specifically avoid are non-vegetarian products (except for fish), alcohol, sugary substances, gluten, pastries, full-fat dairy products, and blueberries, as they can inhibit pigmentation.


On the plus side, there are several delicious and healthy foods which should be incorporated into a Vitiligo diet:

White Patches on Face-Legumes (chickpeas, lentils, beans)

-Plant-Based Proteins, such as hemp protein, soy beans, and tofu.

-Healthy oils and fats, such as cold-pressed virgin olive oil and coconut oil

-Lots of fresh fruits and vegetables

-Whole Grains and whole-wheat products like wild rice, quinoa, barley and amaranth

-Nuts and seeds

-Fluids: like purified water and pure fruit and vegetable juices.  It´s important, for your skin and body as a whole, that your remain adequately hydrated at all times.

If you’re interested in altering your diet for better health, the Total Elimination Diet is an excellent place to start for any disease.  Be sure to join our mailing list as I’ll be walking everyone through the T.E.D. protocol and showing you how to pinpoint your specific vitiligo trigger foods.




2. Take Vitamins & Supplements

Studies have shown that deficiencies in certain areas could, in part, cause Vitiligo. By giving your body the nutrients and trace elements required for healthy cellular metabolism, you can be sure everything is properly functioning and better equipped to fight Vitiligo. Some vitamins which have been identified as particularly effective are Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Folic acid. Wearing pure cooper or drinking from a copper vessel has also been shown to help re-pigment the white patches on face and body in vitiligo patients.  For a full list, see the “Vitiligo Miracle” book.



3. Change Your Lifestyle

Sunlight exposure can be beneficial for Vitiligo patients, but this must be done with caution, and built up gradually. Using non-toxic sun screen at all times is important for anyone who wants to avoid permanent skin damage, and even more so for Vitiligo patients, as it protects against harmful UVA and UVB rays. Taking vitamins, such as B12 and folic acid, along with exposing your skin to early morning sunlight regularly, can increase the effectiveness of this method.

Getting enough rest is another important aspect in the treatment of Vitiligo. Without enough sleep, the body is not able to rejuvenate and is more susceptible to infections and diseases. Stress, of course, negatively affects the body´s ability to function properly, and should be avoided as much as possible. Exercise will help in the reduction of stress and also boosts the immune system and improves circulation, which can have substantial positive effects on eliminating white patches on face and body.


4. Give Home Remedies A Try

Let’s look at some of the most effective home remedies for Vitiligo that you can create with natural ingredients:

-Red Clay: This is one of the most effective natural cures for Vitiligo. It can be mixed with Ginger juice at a ratio of one to one and applied directly to the affected areas.

-Radish seeds: Take 25 grams of seeds and grind them into a fine powder. Then mix the powder with two teaspoons of vinegar and apply directly to the affected areas.

-Goosefeet vegetable: This ingredient is very easy to use as you don’t need to add anything! Simply apply the juicy part of the vegetable to the de-pigmented area continually for two months. You should see results after using it for a prolonged period of time.

-Mustard Oil and Turmeric: Mix 250 milliliters of Mustard oil with a teaspoon of Turmeric and apply twice daily to affected areas. This remedy can take longer than a year to be effective, but has many inherent benefits as an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory agent.

-Corylifolia: This ingredient, which is also known as Babchi, can be turned into a paste and used on de-pigmented skin. This should be done once a day, in the morning, and followed by 20 minutes of sun exposure.

-Coconut oil: This is a highly effective home remedy for Vitiligo. All you need to do is rub it into the affected areas twice a day (before bed and in the morning).

-Lime juice and Basil leaves: By taking the extract of basil leaves and adding it to lime juice, you have an easy, prepared agent to use directly on the skin. The mixture will likely take about six months to become visibly effective and should be applied three to four times a day.


5. Seek Holistic & Homeopathic Solutions

Homeopathic treatments can be a great option for someone suffering from Vitiligo. Not only do homeopathic remedies come without the typical side-effects of conventional treatments but they have also proven to be extremely effective in treating the symptoms of Vitiligo as well as its root causes. Let´s take a look at some common compounds:

Arsenicum Sulfratum Flavum: This compound is used to promote re-pigmentation and is also used on other skin conditions such as pyoderma and urticaria.

Syphilinium: This can have a positive effect on many areas of the body, such as the gastric system, urinary system, mind, nerves, and of course, skin. In addition to being a natural cure for Vitiligo, it is often used to treat osteomyelitis, trigeminal neuralgia, and recurrent abscesses.

Kali Carbonicum: This substance has positive effects on the digestive system, lungs, heart, kidneys, liver, female reproductive system, and of course, the skin. It is often used to treat Vitiligo, eczema, warts, hair loss, sciatica, and hypothyroidism.

Silicea: This element, which is derived from silica leaves, has many purposes and benefits. Not only is it effective in the treatment of Vitiligo, but also has a lasting impact on the bones, joints, digestive system, glands, lungs, nerves, cellular tissues, mucous membranes, and the skin in general.

Nitricum Acidum: Effective for treating ulcers, warts, fissures, hemorrhoids, cachexia, malignancy, rheumatic infections, and gastritis.


Tips for Prevention

Lastly, some might say the best treatment is prevention! You can help fight Vitiligo from spreading by:

-Avoiding over-exposure to the sun

-Increasing your intake of vitamins, specifically the ones previously mentioned (B12, E, D, C, Folic acid).

-Utilizing ointments such as cortisone and ascorbic acid.

-Avoiding food that is very sour.

-Do not take steroids or use any un-prescribed topical medications.

-Most importantly, keep your immune levels as high as possible through maintaining a proper diet, avoiding stress, daily exercise, and always incorporating the nutrients your body requires to function healthily.


By following these steps, you should start to notice an increase in energy and a reduction in white patches on the face and other affected areas. As a bonus, because you´ll be eating healthier, getting more rest and daily exercise, and incorporating natural substances into your daily routine, your body will thank you from the inside.