The Vitiligo Diet Tips

The Vitiligo Diet: How to Stay on Track

Any kind of dieting can be hard, whether you’re doing it for fun, preparation (such as for a marathon), or medical reasons. Although it only affects around 1% of people, ...

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The Vitiligo Diet: Cut Out Cravings

How to Cut Out Food Cravings While on The Vitiligo Diet

Approximately 1% of people in the United States and abroad are diagnosed with a skin condition called vitiligo, which is marked by skin pigmentation that can occur either in small ...

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More with Less on The Vitiligo Diet

Saving Money on The Vitiligo Diet: How to Get More Food With Less

For sufferers of vitiligo, it can often seem like a huge burden to live with a skin disease. While the most common and accessible treatment is through careful management of ...

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White Spots on Face

Are White Patches on Face, Eyes or Nose JUST About Diet?

It starts small, maybe tiny white patches on face, eyes, nose or around your mouth. Either way, what started as a small discoloration that you ignored, has started (or already ...

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The Vitiligo Diet – Meal Plan for Week 1

The Vitiligo Diet – Meal Plan for Week 1 Monday: Breakfast: Detox tea, gluten-free oatmeal with bananas, chopped hazelnuts and pecans Snack: Salty Crispy Kale Chips Lunch: Minty iced green ...

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The Vitiligo Diet

Meal Planning For The Vitiligo Diet

If you’ve been following along with our email course, you know that diet plays a central role in your health especially if you happen to suffer from an auto immunity ...

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